Setting Up Your Event - Step 5 Launch Your Event

Last Updated: Jun 16, 2017 12:42PM AEST

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Click on the “Start” button to publish the tickets and forms.

This section comprises of the following to launch an event successfully:

  • Registration Forms and Ticket Types
  • Registration and Ticket URL
  • Embed Registration and Ticket Purchase form

After pressing 'Start'; you will be shown a summary of the registration form and the ticket types that are about to be published. Use this summary page to perform any final checks before publishing your event (publishing means your event is going live to the public).




reg form new

1.1 Registration Form Name

The Registration Form consists of the Registration Form Name which includes all the default and custom forms that were created at the time of registering an event (Step 2).

1.2 Status

This field displays if the form is ready to go live.

1.3 Action

This field provides the option to edit the form. It will navigate you to the “Create a Registration Form” where you can make any necessary changes.




ticket types new

The “Ticket Types” table consists of the following columns:

2.1 Ticket Type Name

This field lists the names of all the Ticket Types as created during the “Add Tickets” stage. (Step 3).

2.2 Status

This field displays the status of the Ticket Types if Ready for launching and go live.

2.3 Action

This field lists an “Edit” link across each Ticket Type, where you can make any last minute changes to your tickets, before launching the event. Clicking on “Edit” link will redirect you to “Add a new Ticket Type” modal window where you can make the necessary changes.





This section allows you to enter your preferred sub domain and URL to purchase tickets. This section consists of the URL field which is a mandatory field. This is any name/ label that you will be on your ticket purchase web page. For example type in ‘bookfair2015’ here if your desired ticket URL is The system will perform an availability check for your desired URL.




embed new

Integrate with your website

This feature enables you to make your users/attendees purchase tickets from your website. You can embed the entire Ticket Purchase / Registration and Purchase Form on your website (please provide the code to your website content manager/developer and ask them to embed it in the appropriate section of your website). To do so you need to copy paste the code that is randomly generated into your own website to enable registrations and ticket purchase in an iFrame (see above screenshot). This feature can help you gain publicity and can be a good marketing platform.

NOTE: That the form will only be active once you have launched the event.

Click “Save and Launch”. This will publish your event. You can view the Dashboard to see ticket sales, customer data etc.

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