Creating Ticket Options

Last Updated: Apr 06, 2017 05:14PM AEST

Ticket Options are standard options or session options that assigned to created ticket types that provide customers more ways to participate in the event.
If you are creating an Advanced Event, you can create ticket options after creating tickets during event creation process.
Click on 'Add New' button to start creating a new ticket option.


  • Ticket Option Name - Name of the ticket option.
  • Short Description - Short description of the ticket option. 200 characters limit.
  • Ticket Option Description - Long description of the ticket option. Customers can view it by clicking on 'View more information' when they selecting options.
  • Ticket Option Image - Image of the option. The recommended ratio of the image is 2:1.



  • Select Ticket Option Type - Select 'Standard' or 'Session' type for the ticket option. Standard type is for options that don't relate to a date and time, such as for merchandise, event activities, add-ons and upgrades; Session type is for classes or bookings where there are specific date and time as well as the limited number of seating. You can create individual duration slots and set the number of available seats.
  • Set Option Quantity - Enter a number of the option if you have a limit of it.
  • Select Session - This field will display if you have selected 'Session' option type. You need to select and assign a session to this option.



  • Assign to Category - Add or assign an existing category to the option to classify and manage ticket options.



  • Free or Paid? - You can set a price of the ticket option here.



  • Assign to Ticket Type - Assign the ticket option to single or multiple ticket types.



  • Requires Approval - Turn on this toggle if you want to approve all ticket option booking requests before they are confirmed.
  • Automatic Approval - This field displays if you have turned on the 'Requires Approval' toggle. Turn on this toggle is you want to automatically approve all request according to the available slots.



  • Additional Information - Enter special information for customers when they selecting this ticket option.
  • Ticket Option Select Button Label - Customise the label of ticket option select button.


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