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Last Updated: Apr 10, 2017 12:30PM AEST

O-tix allows you to create a form with vendor questions to capture event attendees’ information. You can create the form for vendors, or they can log in to the account you have created to add questions in the form by themselves.

1. Create A Vendor Question Form

Login as event organisers, click on ‘Manage Vendor Forms’ on the dashboard and click on “Add New Vendor Question” button to create a custom form for a vendor. You can edit and activate an existing form package by clicking on “Edit”.

Alternatively, you can send the username and password of vendors you have created to vendors and guide them to create forms by themselves. They can select an event on their homepage and start to add questions, which is the same as your process.

On the Set Up Vendor Question page, select the Additional Questions Package for your vendor. Next, select the Vendor Name from the drop down list.

Select a screensaver image for the questionnaire, specify their terms and conditions, and specify a success message as an acknowledgement to the attendees who have answered the questionnaire.

Click on “Save and Next” to add the questions. Create the form by selecting the various form fields and adding it to the page as shown in the clip.

For a detailed breakdown of creating and editing registration forms, please visit ‘Step 2 — Registration Forms

Click on Save and Next. This will direct you to the payment gateway.

After the payment, you can activate the package for your vendor by clicking on “Done, Activate Now” button. You can also save the package and activate it at a later stage.

You can ask your vendor to test the package by downloading the O-tix capture app (Overview of O-tix Capture App). Login with vendor’s username and password. Scan a QR code and test the form. We suggest you create a few tickets that you can send to vendors so they can conduct their own testing.

Note: One vendor can only have one vendor question form.

2. Share registration questions with vendors

This helps avoid ‘double ups’ where both the organiser and vendors want to know similar information (mobile or email for example)

You can choose the fields that you want to share with the vendor at the time of designing the registration form in step 2 under event creation. Then, when a visitor scans the ticket at the vendor app, the vendor will receive the answers to their own form plus the questions that the event organiser has chosen to share with vendors.

Note: The default fields on the registration form will be shown to the vendor at all times and do not need to be shared explicitly.

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