Advanced Pricing

Last Updated: Apr 10, 2017 12:39PM AEST

Advanced pricing allows the administrator to apply ticket discounts when a customer buys a minimum number of tickets. For example, a discount of 10% per ticket might be applied when a customer buys 5 VIP tickets.



Multi purchase discounts are applied to each individual ticket type. Please note that for the user to receive the discount they must buy the specified number of tickets for that one ticket type (e.g. 5x VIP tickets, not 3x VIP tickets and 2x General Admission).


To start, click the name of ticket you want to enable multi-purchase discount and set as inactivate to open up the ticket editor window.


Scroll to the bottom of the page, expand the “ADVANCED PRICING” section and enable “Multi Purchase Discount”.

Specify the quantity of tickets the customer must exceed to receive the discount (e.g. if the discount is to be applied when the customer buyers 10+ tickets, then enter ‘9’)

Select "Percentage (%)" and enter the percentage of discount you want to apply per ticket.

Click “Update Ticket Type” and apply the multi-purchase discount to the ticket type.

Note: When a customer purchases tickets with a multi purchase discount applied, refunds can only be granted on the entire batch (i.e. not individual tickets).




Open up a ticket to edit the settings, input “2” (the ceiling before the discounts applies), and “10” as the percentage discount per ticket. Then when customers buy 3  or more (more than 2) of that ticket type, they will receive a 10% discount off this type of ticket.

Note: Note that the “CUSTOMER PAYS” section excludes applicable taxes (and so the actual final ‘customer pays’ amount is likely to be higher depending on your local tax laws)


The result on the ticket purchase page is a $3 discount per ticket, which reduces the overall price from $90 down to $81 (in this example the multi purchase discount was set for ‘Adult’). Alternatively, the discount can be set up to discount by a dollar amount (rather than a percentage). In this example, if a $10 discount was applied per ticket, then the total saved would be $30 ($30 RRP per ticket, $10 off per ticket, 3 tickets purchased equals’ total charge of $60 instead of $90).

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