Group Tickets

Last Updated: Aug 07, 2017 04:51PM AEST

You can now create and sell Group Tickets with all the flexibility and customisation options you are used to with our Individual Tickets.

This feature is specifically designed for Family Ticket and other group ticket types. For example, if a Group Ticket contains two adult tickets and two child tickets, customers will receive four individual tickets if they buy one of this group ticket. Customers can also register for each Sub-Tickets and select options for sub-tickets.

Click on ‘Manage Tickets’ button on the event dashboard. On ‘Create Ticket Types’ page, click ‘Add New’ button to add Sub-Tickets that you want to assign to the group ticket.

On this modal, you need to enter some basic information about the sub-ticket, including Ticket Type Name, Ticket Type Description and Terms and Conditions.
After creating all Sub-Tickets you need to add into the group ticket, click on ‘Add New’ button again and select ‘Group Ticket’ to activate ‘Add Group Ticket’ modal.

All fields on this modal are the same as individual ticket modal (Add Individual Ticket) except ‘select Sub-Tickets to be added to Group Ticket’ section.

You need to select Sub-Ticket types to be added to this group ticket in the ‘Select Sub-ticket’ dropdown, then enter the quantity of each Sub-Tickets. As the example above, if you want to assign 2 adult and 2 child tickets to this Group Ticket, please enter ‘2’ and ‘2’ for each Sub-Ticket types respectively. 

Assign ticket design to Sub-Tickets since customers will only receive Sub-Tickets after place order.
Assign Group Tickets to groups since customers can only view Group Tickets on the website.
Assign customer questions to Sub-Tickets because customers are required to register Sub-Tickets.
Assign ticket options and option rules to Sub-Tickets because customers can select ticket options for their Sub-Tickets. 
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